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I was planning a Paris trip, finally convinced that it would be fine going alone instead of with the perfect person! I was checking out Rick Steves tours. Its so disapointing that as I turn 64 I realize I may never have the chance.

  • I remember walking down these beautiful streets . The history was amazing and the surrounding countryside was a sight to see. We rented a flat for a week just outside the city gates,one of our best vacations ever. Considering the current state of our state, your books might be the only way Americans will get to tour those cities; most of the world won’t let us in now.
  • We can’t take time to travel for granted. Once COVID-19 restrictions are over, I’m on my way somewhere. For now, I’m busy narrowing down the list of adventures to come. A visit in 2018 to York walking the walls. I enjoyed shopping in The Shambles but Cliffords Tower climb was quite sad.
  • Thank you Rick I have been watching your travel shows for ever.. I live in Saint Augustine Florida is the closest I can get to my roots since my family on both sides are from Spain and I was born in Havana.. although I live in the US since 1968, I call this place my town.
  • I love to watch your shows specially the ones in Spain I get so excited every time you are in one of the many cities I have been. I am very lucky to have family and friends in so many places over there. You are great at what you do and love your spontaneous humor and acceptance of the people and their culture.

You brought back wonderful memories of our pre-COVID three days in York. A beautiful escape from London (which we love). Friendly people, great pubs and really good restaurants. Your Minster is the frosting of the cake. Thanks for the memories!

Thank you for your memories of York. I was on a tour in2012 with Tom Hooper. I think I remember every minute of it. Went to the Evensong – I’ll never forget it. Thanks for the reminder

Stories like these are what make the RS tours so special. While on the tour you truly feel like you are being let in on local secrets! For now though I am satisfying my wanderlust pouring over the pages of “For the Love of Europe” Thank you for both!

Iron Maiden 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic Skull shirt, hoodie, tank top

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