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Pamela, I find it comically sad how you attempt to compartmentalize to justify abortion. Calling it “choice” doesn’t change the fact that a baby is terminated. When you don’t believe in absolutes you will accept and condone anything that is convenient
  • it kills the baby. The baby feels the excruciating pain of being torn apart or burned by a saline solution. I feel compelled to speak for the helpless. Just as I feel compelled to speak if Christ great live and sacrifice on the cross I also feel compelled to speak for and try to protect the helpless & innocent
  • what I find very interesting is Conservatives are 100% against abortion; yet they are also against people asking for government help. Conservatives aren’t pro-life. They are pro-birth. Once that baby is born they couldn’t care less what happens to it. The foster care system is already overrun with children. Abortion is safe and legal. Ruth wasn’t the one with the suction thing sucking out all the babies. She was the one behind a woman’s choice to choose.
you couldn’t be more wrong if you tried! Let me give you some background information: 1973 I was a 16 year old pregnant girl living in Washington (state) where abortion was legal. I chose to have my baby and raise him, which I did. He’s 46 years old now and successful. Abortion wasn’t the choice for me (my mother let me make the decision and she was Catholic) but it’s not up to me to make that choice for someone else. Bottom line
Choose to murder a living person? Is that what you are saying? You can dress up the act with safe words all you want , but it doesn’t change the act. then don’t say anything— we don’t care about your extremism and political views.

This is about something much more honorable than than your views.
innocent babies didn’t have a choice, the women who got pregnant decided to kill their child, they should right after the abortion get a hysterectomy so she won’t have that problem.

RBG Women belong in all places where decisions are being made face mask

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