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We cant recive anything right now because of problem cant play because of problem everyone is haveing, Good day my CM Family.can anyone please help me with my missing card. Highly appreciat it in advance. Stay safe everyone!!!

  • 12 is the missing number. But what the heck cm for posting this and no one can even receive it. I mean come on really you should be rewarding every player lots of spins and not 25. Lots of people have lost tons of spins, coins, stars, chests, pet food, and money! Y’all are a joke! This is how you treat your customers!
  • Disappointed..I was playing today. Spinning by 10 and as soon as I got a raid the game went down for update I think.. then when it comes back all my spins gone
  • The missing # is 12, Oh please CM try and do fix the game as soon as possible it is getting very fraustrated for me right now, I’m so fed up and please do not steal my few spins what I have there to continued my game ok. CM it would be nice if you can reward your followers with great gifts cause this problem is not our fault but yours CM. Thank you
I think this is like giving someone a apple who has no teeth shame on you voin master I hope I get back all that I’m losing out on, I have a question: does anyone keep track of those who where in first place in the tournaments whene the game stopped??? If not….I will make a complaint to the game representatives of the game because that means disrespect!!
I was number 1 with still 3 minute to go and I came second some how even though I was way ahead, 12 is the missing number. Side games such as this add more excitement to CM, good diversion when you one is out of spins. Thanks for the spins. Wishing for more.

I’m a math teacher of course I have problems face mask

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