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These are the techniques used by vested interests who want to save some influential people who may have something to do with his ‘death/suicide’,Perfectly explained, hope Media people understand purpose of CBI investigation and Justice required.. Media is No media actually

  • I am getting irked by the way the media is following CBI everywhere and exposing everything as breaking news. Give them a break boss. Let them do their job in peace. After all secrecy and confidentiality is something for investigating agencies.
  •  the investigative journalism has to have some limits to it. You find them in every secretive missions. Like ndtv wired live of the terrorists in Mumbai and the terrorists were benefited by this. They were more informed. oppozite i taking leads from breaking news like i n notorious mumbai terrorist attack on taj hotel and other plces.ultimatelygovt had to ban live coverage.
  • Marijuana, cannabis is super, 1000 times better than stinking alcohol or nicotine cigarette… and it is useful in ayurvedic…I think especially in this covid 19 situations .. SSR , you are good you stood as a model / brand ambassador for cannabis after you were murdered…. Even after life you are doing good.

It’s no big deal to roll Marijuana if it’s legal in the state but the timing of Meme Police is releasing the statement of the servant is objectionable when CBI has already started with the investigation.

But, is that the major issue now? Whether he takes marijuana or not? Yes, we should let the CBI do it’s job. I saw some TV channels giving running commentary. That is ridiculous.

Marjuana issue has been raked up with an intent to malign SSR. Several videos are fabricated these days. The very fact that such disclosure comes two months after his death indicates the time taken to cook it up for public display. Irrespective of anything else , justice must prevail. Killers should be prosecuted

You can’t scare me I’m a housekeeper shirt, hoodie, tank top

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