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I try not to take it personally. But when I moved here I sought out smaller vendors. I have health problems that make “going shopping” a physical challenge and still I went to them instead of amazon. And they can’t wear a mask. And small businesses are upset that we are shopping on Amazon. Well, wear a mask and I will gladly go in and shop with you. Yes, we have several of those here in Goldsboro.

  • As a small business owner in a small town in a very “Republican” county, I will honestly say that it doesn’t matter whether one has signs posted on the door, in the store, everywhere.
  • Half the people are not going to mask. I really don’t want to engage with them because there will be an ugly response or an excuse. It’s not worth our mental health or business losses to get into a Donnybrook with a non masker. (I’ve tried, it’s upsetting.) We even closed to inside traffic and got people what they needed at the door for 7 weeks last spring.
  • So when calling small businesses to complain, think about what is on the door, what is being attempted, but not consistently happening. If the workers who have customer contact are masked, you will know we are trying. I cannot be the mask police and I cannot afford to lose business. Small town businesses reflect their local politics. On a personal level, I no longer volunteer, attend church, and have minimized some personal relationships because they meet in large groups and don’t mask.

For me, it’s an indication of who they really care about in their relationships to others. This pandemic has opened my eyes but shut my mouth. I now know who I would trust with my life by their mask. It’s with great sadness I post this. Please try to see it from a small business point of view, though. We work long hours to serve our communities. Many of us are doing all we can.

The Karen in me has been known to notify the corporate office of a drive through business I used to frequent. Used to. Because Karen called them 3 times about employees at the window and preparing drinks not wearing masks or wearing them below their chin. Yeah, like wearing it below your chin is helpful. Maybe if you have a tracheotomy. And even then, not.

Donna Migliore Petree I get it. I really do. I spoke to the manager at Ace about inventory and I get that he’s under a LOT of stress right now. And yeah, if you confront people about masks they are likely to go away with a loud nasty scene.

Ice Skating Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world poster

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