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Who’s protocol.. the experts were saying..put the kids in school.. they were , are , will continue to say.. put the kids in school. Who are you listening to. Thats why the virus has a greater foothold in Florida because most of you won’t follow protocol!! My Grandson has been in school since the very 1st of August with NO problems whatsoever! They are trying to dumb down and control America!

  • Schools should be open all over!! The children are not learning from home!! Get these children back in school!! We knew the Pres was right back then about opening schools and we know now! Keeping kids out of school only causes them more harm! i’m well traveled and have seen the world. All educated people across the world laugh at Trump and America. They are so happy Biden will be sworn in soon. It’s like having the adults back in the room.
  • That’s why i support Biden. Because i have traveled the world and seen everything. Trumpers are Trumpers because you have never left the farm. You should see my life. 41 years old and retired. I was fortunate enough to make a lot of money which allowed me to retire before 40 and live a damn good life. That’s why i have time to come on here and slap some sense into the low iq Trump voters. My kids are teenagers, they don’t want to play with me much anymore.

I know you’re a troll, reporting me to Facebook, doesn’t matter to them that you said you were knocking sense in to people but god forbid I say you need to do it to yourself, Facebook is anti conservative free speech , they prove it everyday. Trump is the racist. Haha, read that quote. You are doing exactly what Trump said you would do. He could shoot your child and you would still love him.

You do realize science got it wrong more than 50% of the time. Do you also believe the science that says climate change is NOT man made and there’s only TWO genders? You mean the 14,000 that died compared to 274,000. The vaccine that was produced in 6 months compared to the one we still don’t have out? So by your logic this is the Trump Covid19? Trump isn’t racist, he’s called that by the mentally unstable people on the left , who use that word to describe anyone who doesn’t agree with their bs agenda , they’ve been doing it for decades..

I Stand With President Trump Mug

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