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Tanzanea, some idiots are just starving for attention – please ignore the trolls who come on here and attempt to dispute every credible fact about this disease. They won’t care or understand how this virus impacts you and yours UNTIL it impacts them and theirs.

  • How is it safe for you to be working knowing you have COVID? That goes against everything we are being told. Regardless of you working on a COVID wing, you are putting others at risk because masks aren’t a guarantee for sure. What you are doing is going against everything that we are all supposed to be doing! Idk what state you live in, but apparently they forgot about the quarantine rule!
  • Will you just stop. The woman works in a hospital, why would she make things up. Im guessing you’re a Trump supporter ignoring and playing down the obvious deadly Covid scenario. Wake up you people are a joke with your attitude and disregard for other people’s safety and lives.
  • To many are so selfish and egocentric. I am 100 % respectful of all the advices prevention and restrictions. I care about me but about also the community. People are waiting for important care and surgery and the front line hospital workers are exhausted. It’s about compassion and empathy towards a patient in need.

To go the extra mile when a patient is alone and in distress. So glad the patient was able to go home and be with his wife. The physician went above and beyond. Well, there apparently is a huge shortage of protective gear for the medical staff already. Where will that equipment for the family come from?

I spent ten years as an ER social worker. When I was called to interact with an isolation patient I had to totally cover with gown, mask, gloves and if I left and had to return later I had to suit up again with fresh protective gear. There is currently not enough gear for staff to have fresh gowns so where will the family get it? So maybe that is the reason family cannot be with them. Also, staff is too busy with the patient to be able to assist a family member who is trying to deal with a loved one gasping for breath.

Really Jerold, how irrelevant can you be. We are talking about people dying a horrible death and you want to jump in with a money making scheme? Some of us know where our true priorities should be.

I Served During Covid 19 Shirt,tank top, hoodie

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