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Yes! Thank you! That’s it exactly! Same threatening tone, same fear, same helpless feeling! And now the “honeymoon phase”… let’s work it out, we can be happy together, give me another chance, it’ll be better this time. But it never is, is it?

  • But she said Friday that if this did turn out to be the end of the Trump era, she was grateful for what he had done for the country, and comforted that he would suffer fewer attacks. “He will be fine, he has God’s hand on him,” she said. “He’ll be better off not being the president and not being attacked daily. But I really feel this will be terrible for the nation.”
  • It’s remarkable the patriotism among Trump supporters. Even though the new voting process failed the American voters this year, America will not shy away from supporting Trump. Nearly half of America is skeptical regarding the reported “media results” from the most recent (prolonged) election. We continue to stand behind Trump, and all agree, that it must be investigated thoroughly. The integrity of our nation and values are at stake.
  • Craig Douglas apparently not considering the Americans who elected Trump had the greatest economic boom in the history of our country – Among many other great accomplishments. Feel how you feel but don’t dissuade others from believing what they want to believe. Have a great day.

You are hopelessly blind to the truth; the man is a dictator and he is proving it every hour. He will be removed in chains if necessary, and rightfully so. Hang in there everyone!! It’s not over yet!

The Storm is upon us and it’s just the beginning!! President Trump will be our President for the next 4 years!! It’s all a lie. Both sides work together to tick tock between Republican and Democrat. It’s an organized plan to keep everyone at odds. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Presidents don’t have power, the shadow government has power.

It doesnt matter what your party is, every single American needs to stand for an honest vote in this country or America isn’t free. It’s like that sect of the evangelical church with which he bought his place in paradise! He believes that the election can also be bought with these lawyers  at the same time it is money…  Finally a Catholic president is going to do America good.


On the naughty list and I regret nothing Dragon Christmas shirt,tank top, hoodie

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