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We Want to get out there and travel so bad again. We took your Scotland trip that was our first trip overseas and it was amazing! We visited here, following Rick’s advice, back in 1997 when we drove around Portugal for 10 days. It was the best beach town we found, aside from the Algarve.

  • The best ever Gelato spot is there too. They make spectacular fruity creations that look like centerpieces, and serve delicious waffles. We have to believe travel will open again I have not seen Portugal but many other countries of Europe and long to return
  • Nazare is a major big wave surfing site at certain times of the year, too. See a show on Netflix called Magnetic as they cover a piece on Nazare and the surfers who come to dare surf it’s death defying waves. It’s crazy!
  • I have spent time here, loved it and all of Portugal. 3 trips, first to the south and second more Lisbon central, saved the best for the north, Porto, in my opinion. I fell hard for Nazaré last year. Took the same photo. It’s now on my laptop’s main screen. Can only dream about returning.

Loved the Portugal tour and Christina. Loved the Basque Country tour and Francisco. Loved the southern Italy tour and Caterina. We would be on your Scotland tour right now if it wasn’t for coronavirus. In fact that tour would have started yesterday.

Looking forward to many more tours with your company, not just because of how well you run your tours, but because of your personal values, your commitment to supporting community, and how you try to educate others so that we can be better global citizens.

Wow- my husband and I were booked on the exact same Scotland tour! We love Rick Steves tours – it would have been our 8th one!  Sorry it didn’t happen. We were going to do a week in Iceland before flying to Glasgow but sadly that’s not happening.

I like chickens and coffee and maybe 3 people shirt,tak top, hoodie

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