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I am at a point of not believing any news media, and don’t watch them either. They are liars like democrats. They use the blacks, play on racism, no different than the internet. This is all done to redirect you from what they are really doing. President Trump is exposing them and bringing light to all this. But the idiots in this country, democrats, are refusing to see though they have eyes. They are being lead to the slaughter house just like cattle.

  • but trump and right wing tv/websites are spreading lies to undermine the election because trump has admitted in private he knows he has lost. Trumpo lost Georgia in part because of several strong black women who got out the vote. The leadership of Stacey Abrams, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms,
  • LaTosha Brown, Nse Ufot and a reliable force of Black female voters helped turn Georgia blue. And those same strong women are working to elect Democratic Senators in Georgia. Good work Abrams, Bottoms, Brown, Ufot and all the other strong women. We are proud of you and we stand behind you.
  • When are you going to address the fraud being committed by the Democrats and admit that those laws, procedures, and established institutions have been corrupted by the Democrat Party. Until and unless you publicly acknowledge this fact you must be considered a propagand arm of the DNC & the Democrat Party. they do nothing but show President- elect Biden which isn’t true ! But nothing about the corruption are they all blind!

I agree with you. Your comment should definitely be posted everywhere. It’s disgusting what facebook and the democratic party are doing. Most people go to prison for this. They on the other hand get away with everything. I guess Payoffs mean everything for the right people! you’re a fucking fool to believe Biden pulled nearly 80M votes on his own, while a dozen congressional seats turned to red down ballot. Biden? Corrupt Joe Biden pulled more votes than any candidate in history?

I’m sick of seeing posted on my Facebook page.Every thing about Trump has that Biden won election.at the bottom .Sick of Facebook’s biased against him and it shows.So stop it Facebook. the point Trump is pointing out is that social media is your a rat in a maze looking for the cheez and you keep falling for it please stop and think do we really hate each other or does the media create the division.

Dominion Voting Systems are in bed with George Soros. Dominion shares space with several radical left organizations including the Tides Foundation in Totonto. Check with Rebel Media for details! Which bot farm is paying you? Biden is slated for jail just as those who are propagating fake news and sharing false information – abettors in crime. I agree Rita Rivera. Have posted before but they will never stop. Thinking of switching away from Facebook. I don’t want their political input. It is obnoxious!!!!!!

To My Dear Son In Law I Didn’t Give You The Gift Of Life I Gave You My Gorgeous Daughter Poster

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