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The Red wave is coming whether the Democrats like it or not. Trump supporters will show up tomorrow and dominate. These polls are so fake and rigged you will see. You can tell by how many show up at these rallies. Trump has way more supporters. Those are facts. I was not able to vote in person first time in my life in NJ thanks to governor Murphy . They allow protesting but not voting. Good luck my president and may the rest be history. When you get re-elected I hope we straighten out Facebook and the media with all the bias news that is going on.

  • My wife and I will be mindful of those people who are like you unable to vote in-person. We will do so with pride and honor to you. We will set to establish Trump for a second term. For the Republic! For USA! Amen… yes Dan Forest is the way to go. I personally do not believe King Pooper got in legally, he cheated. Praise God for you sir… TRUMP 2020.
  • President Trump, thanks for loving this country and fighting for us the American People! I wish they spent more time letting you do your job to make America great again than spending so many tax dollars to fight you on every policy you tried to implement. You have a lot of supporters that aren’t brainwashed by the liberal media. We know the truth and support you.
  • Americans this is the time to choose between light and darkness the choice is ours,remember when the righteous is on the throne the people rejoice vote trump to make America great again,, Trump is firmly in the “darkness” camp. Not even close. Strange how you all have been so manipulated by this evil conman. Good luck to you.

Tell the people the dems say Biden and his running mate will be NO problem to tumble. That evil spawn of Satan, Nancy Pelosi is who is truly running on their ticket. If the dems would win she will indeed be their president in the process of time.

My entire household voted for you 2016 AND 2020! Could not be more proud if the PHENOMENA job you’ve done. We are praying for you and with God’s grace we will be blessed to have you ANOTHER 4 years!!! (Hopefully Pelosi will no longer be in our political system at all!!!!). Why would I vote for someone who bin.


I don’t fish to add days to my life I fish to add life to my days poster

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