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My dog ​​never gets bored when I take him for a walk, I usually go to the park and also very often to the forest and when I take my dog ​​he does not bore them because he always meets other dogs that I call his friends. I have small dogs one old one who is blind, we walk the same route every day he seems comforted to know where he is going! The younger one seems to understand why we do the same every day?

  • I have a Corgi, who thinks he can herd everyone in the neighborhood. He walks fine on a lead, always by my side until he see a car, truck, another dog, another person. Then he wants to play with them. His excitement level goes up to a 10, I stay calm. I will not more forward with the walk till he calms down. Sigh !!!
  • Me and my pack (Tervuerense herders) have a several forests to choose for our walk, different routes every day. Sometimes we play and swim a lot, I also have a walking group with other dog owners. My dogs are very satisfied and we have a great time every day.
  • Living with a compromised immune system and having been on Imuran and a long list of other meds for more than a decade, I SEE YOU and you are not alone. Wishing you strength, health and healing. I can only share my doctor’s advice: stay home. Not easy or fun, but safe. Non-mask wearers can’t see or feel beyond their own selfishness.

Having lived with a chronic disease, it is such a blessing to have a doctor link arms with you and march forward into the unknown. Love and prayers on your journey, the road is arduous but I see your armor through those tears my dear. March forward.

You are in my prayers… and I am also praying fervently that people learn not to be selfish, to learn empathy and compassion, and to be willing to put on a darn mask! I will hold you in my Heart and I will remember you in my prayers…. we are sisters you and I….. we are of the same generation, we have very similar values, we love unconditionally, and we are both deserving of the Love offered to us by folks who see themselves in us…. you are not alone! Every day brings the possibility of wellness!!!! You are loved by your “Sister” in Surry County!

I don’t even have a pla shirt,tank top, hoodie

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