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I throw a tennis ball, my dog looks at it, might chase for a second, sees its a ball and walks away like, “I don’t know what to do with that thing.” My dog loves to play ball he will chase it all day but when it comes to bringing it back he sits it so far away and looks at me like now it’s your turn come and get it. I throw, she goes get.

  • Drops. Wont bring back so I go to get. 2 foot away she picks it up and runs off with it. Up until a few months ago I had 2 wonderful pit bulls. One old who died, and one about 5.5 years old. The old dog was well trained and obedient… but never wanted to or would play fetch. The younger one took to it the first time I threw a toy. Different strokes…still miss my old boy…
  • One of our rescue dogs had a passion for bringing in the Washington Post. He was steadfast in rain or snow, even. I realized his dedication early on when he jumped the backyard fence. Oh no, he has run off! Then back he comes over the fence with the newspaper in his mouth!
  • My pupper taught me to play fetch! She brought me a pinecone once in a park when she was about 4 months old and placed it beside me while I chatted with my mom. I picked it up and just kinda, tossed it to the side. She ran and grabbed it, brought it back, placed it back beside me and glanced between me and it until I caught on that she wanted me to throw it again!

Ever since then, it was her favorite pastime and could do it for HOURS. The trick between us for her to keep playing fetch, was she would have to keep placing it close to me, to throw the toy. If she didn’t, I just let her play with the toy herself.

I just made it fun. I taught him to drop everything by trading it for another toy. And when he went to go get it i said “Bring it to me” in a really excited way that made him wanna come back. Now i can tell him to go bring my water bottles to me lmao. He picks my jackets up (but he does shake those. We are working on it) and will bring anything i drop on the floor back if i ask him.

Deer Hunting Dad Thank you for teaching me how to be a man even though I’m your daughter mug

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