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Somebody needs to post the list of all the traitors. And then the people have to accept that these are the folks that are on the payroll and see those paychecks ending. Vote those SOBs out.

  • you talk about trump but you fail to acknowledge the fact that his own manufacturing companies are all overseas and in Mexico and he has NO intentions of bringing them back to America or the fact that he unlike the hard working people who have paid their fair share of taxes has paid NONE.
  • Or the fact the he cheated many businesses out of money by refusing to pay them and filing bankruptcy. Or the fact that he is the BIGGEST bully ever. Or the fact that he until this election was a democrat and supported many of them. This is an unstable thin skinned person who should NEVER be given access to the nuclear codes
  • We are all discouraged with our government and he is playing on that but its NOT because he will make it better its because he wants the spotlight on himself. He brews racial divide and hatred and violence. He has no clue about forgien policy and will have us at war with every country.

Eddie Deano Zeiler, but he IS a joke! His attacks on non-Christians, the disabled, immigrants, women’s rights, a respected veteran, his comments that he knows more about ISIS than the generals, that he will counsel himself because he has a good brain, lol.

He’s pandering to Christians and scared white people and he’s only in this to become even more famous and/or make more money, nothing more. He’s a con artist and he’s managed to con 40% of the voters, though that may drop even further, even if he keeps reading the teleprompters only. But you just know, Hillary will have him for lunch in the debates, if he even does them.

Troy Detter STAY ON MESSAGE, TRUMP! ATTACK HRC and quit paying attention to the pawns that the liberals are moving around on the chessboard to lure you in… Don’t take the bait, sir! Let’s make America safe and great again!

Houses & Humans shirt,tank top, hoodie

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