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One of my best travels ever. Totally recommend the next generation to turn off their social media, buy a camera, and enjoy being unplug and make Pilgrims friends from all over the world. Great life experience that will carry on to your personal life.

  • Our son did the Camino during his gap year when other plans suddenly fell through. He started out completely alone, then fell in with a motley group of people from the US, Canada, Ireland, and other countries. After reaching the end, he went on to Portugal. He has always avowed that the experience was life-changing.
  • My husband and I were in Barcelona on St. James Day several years ago. We were wandering through the neighborhood around the Ramblas and happened on a parade of men wearing huge ornate puppet costumes. They were accompanied by musicians. They were all members of churches that honor St. James. It was one of those wonderful serendipitous moments that happen when traveling.
  • I did a Camino when I was 40 and had planned to do another when I’m 60, which is this year. That isn’t going to happen but it’s been there for 1,200 years and will still be there when we can travel again. And I’ll have to remain 59 til then.

The camino goes up into France and splits in numerous ways which when looked at upon the map resembles the lines of the scallop’s shell aka coquille de St. Jacques. North of Spain it is called the Chemin de St. Jacques

. One of the paths goes by our house in southwestern France in the Bèarn. We see a lot of pilgrims going south with the shell on their walking staff or hanging from their backpack. To take the pilgrimage is to perform alchemy on the soul.

Can’t wait to go back to Europe. We lucked out and got your driver while in Tuscany and had the most wonderful time on the back roads and hidden places we would have never seen on our own. He had the best things to say about you Rick Steves


I like horses and coffee and maybe 3 people shirt,tank top, hoodie

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