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I’ve never heard of a horse being an inside horse. Good for her sounds like she has a wonderful life God bless her! My daughter’s horse following her into the house. He always thinks he is people. Had him over 20 years love of our life. My horse used to do this, if I was out riding and popped home for a pee, leaving him in the garden for a mo, when I came out he was either trying to kick the door down or standing in the hallway.

  • Omg! Years ago when this happened to me . I was cleaning my house so I opened my sliding door that went out to the deck. Next thing I saw a horse and Cows looking at me. Lol. Don’t think my eyes could have gotten any bigger. Was so funny. The look on their faces and mine. Pretty much any rural area is like this. “There’s a _____ walking around the yard or trying to get in the house or playing with the dogs, etc” is as casual as “The coffee is done”
  • Chris Proctor usually it’s cows, sheep, horses, and pigs (sometimes a Llama) in Northern California, but my friend once had an emu decide to take up residence on his front patio.
  • Better get one of those bags that hooks to the back side and hope horses don’t mark their spot like dogs do. is this how you get a horse in NZ? In Texas, this is how you get a cat. I want a horse.

As I kid I had a mini horse and my mom sent me instead to grab the dewormer. And apparently I was taking too long bc here came my mom into the family room and in tow she had my little miniature stallion behind her  He looked psyched to just be somewhere different. My Dad brought are horse Pal into the house,,it was hysterical,Pal just came right into are kitchen and stood there and watched us eat breakfast.

I visited a family who kept a horse on a residential lot. Invited in, was chatting with the resident when the horse wandered thru the whole house coming thru the back door, passed bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms and out the front door. The resident didn’t even stop talking. When she realised I had a question, she said someone just left the back door open. Most interesting visit I ever had. Leave your doors open, I guess that’s what can happen but Thank God it was a Horse and not your local Stickup Kid!

Horse bedding set

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