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It is simple, you either are voting to keep the rights our troops and forefathers have fought for. Or your voting towards a nanny state that in which the government knows what is best for you and you have no control. You’re either voting for energy that could be unlocked from underneath the very ground we walk on every day.

  • Or we keep it locked away. And we keep relying upon our energy from countries that condemn people to death for being gay or a infidel. You’re voting for someone who wants to secure this country from people who want to do harm to us not just economically but physically. You are either voting for a future that nurtures the American spirit or restricts it with overwhelming red tape.
  • You’re either voting for someone who believes in a higher power or someone who mocks it. You’re either voting for someone who hasn’t been a career politician or someone who sold the very office that represents the American people..
  •  Hillary Clinton will create millions of jobs, unlike Donald Trump. She will give those jobs to illegals, and refugee Isis members, by taking the remaining jobs from our deplorable, irredeemable American Citizens. Accept voter FRAUD!????? HELL NO! I believe the Media with their “polls” are setting up the USA for Democrat voter fraud, illegal votes and “dead” voters. With this fraud and cheating the Democrats will win, and everyone will say, “Yep, that is what the polls showed”.

The private email server was setup and designed to hide government communication for the legal requirement to allow the public access. Deleting even personal email is against the federal regulations. A single government email males the entire email server a government system, with legal requirements to archive ALL documents. Deleting emails after there is a legal requirement to preserve those documents is a crime.

I found it very telling that she never said the emails were untrue but made an issue of who hacked them (Russia). At this point what difference does that make, they exposed her and that’s all I care about. There is one thing that doesn’t surprise me about the humans that are voting for the highest paid lying serial killer in history, 90% are not from United States! Pathetic!!!!!

Hippie soul leather pattern All-over print tote bag

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