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I visited my relatives in Hammersfest the most northern city in the world last year. It was a wonderful trip, we cruised many beautiful fjords and seen the beautiful country side. Visiting my grandparents homeland was a real treat and meeting my relatives was the best trip of my life….

  • Thanks for sharing Rick. I too have Norwegian roots (Grandpa’s name was Ole Thorval Olson). I have traveled to many European countries but not to Norway. I have it on my bucket list to visit towns my ancestors lived in.
  • We loved tracing my husband’s great grandfather’s steps, in reverse through Norway. The TI in Telemark even did some research and put us in touch with a cousin and they visited for an afternoon. We also got in touch with the people who currently own the old farm there and spent some time with them. Everyone was so welcoming. I can only hope we, as Americans, will still be welcome in Europe after the last 4 years
  • My parents livid in Norway in the 70’s and 80’s because of the oil boom. We were lucky to visit twice–both times in the winter. I saw Frogner Park and the Vigeland statues covered in ice and snow. I would love to see it in summer.
  • My ancestry Norwegian my grandmother was sponsored to come to states at 15.I have visited twice to Norway to visit relatives.A beautiful country.The quality of life amazing.Free health care cradle to grave.I have personally visited one of the nursing homes in Western Norway fantastic just like a home have a gym

Nursing home on top overlooking a lake, nice restaurant for public and people living there.Free university.Clean living.People so kind and intelligent.They are way advanced on environment.

Of all the places we have visited in Europe, Norway is #1 on my list of places to return to. Thanks for allowing me to relive it as I travel by armchair! Just finished the new book this afternoon. Loved it! Gets me all anxious to travel and meet new people and see new places as well as re-visit the old ones.

On my last Germany trip before my grandma passed away, I flew to Rome for a four day trip (complete with Rick Steves’ tour guide, language guide, and downloaded audio guides for all the sites…they made the trip fantastic!). On the first leg of the return trip, a flight from Rome to Amsterdam, I sat with a group of rowdy Norwegian businessmen.

They had just attended a business conference in Rome and were still wearing their fancy business suits. I said I was surprised they weren’t in business class and they told me they didn’t need it.

Hiking The Mountains Are Calling And I Must Go Poster

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