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Yes his kids are HIS. their mother used MJ sperm and had them implanted DUH that was said from day 1. He paid her to carry his kids. People do it everyday. And nothing wrong with it. How do you think people have kids that cant carry.

  • She was asked to leave for not wearing a mask. She refused so that is tresspassing. She resisted, she got exactly what she deserved. And she had a mask in her back pocket! Her asthma is really bad. Nothing would have happened if she would have just done what the nice officer asked. Respect the police. It is what it is. (Sarcasm)
  • She was actually released at the scene on her own recognizance. It was difficult to try to pin a charge on her. By law, nothing she did was illegal. They had to release her, I could care less. If the principal or person in charge of the school tells a person they are not welcomed because of a violation of a school rule, they are required to leave. If they fail to comply, law enforcement is notified
  • The appropriate charge will be trespassing. In this case the additional charge of resist delay and obstruct was warranted. The LEO used a taser on the defendant. I disagree with the issuance of a citation and not taking before a magistrate to determine probable cause and bond hearing. Officers have to make sure they enforce laws and not rules. Using this amount of force should have resulted in a ride to jail.

I guess you missed the point. I said officers can not enforce school rules, thus not arresting for the mask, forget it you do not understand, I get what you are trying to say. I’m simply saying that she was released at the scene bc there were no “laws” broken.

Kitts initially refused to identify herself and refused treatment at the scene, the Logan Police Department said. She was later identified, charged with criminal trespassing, and released, according to the statement.

Tommy Hanlon officers can cite on scene for most misdemeanor charges that do not require fingerprints or photos. I would have taken her to jail because of the amount of force used.

High on Hellaweed Pumpkin Weed shirt,tank top, hoodie

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