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they are called ” Beasts of Burden ” only because humans made them that way ,there is now no real reason to call them that ,I’ve seen some dodo videos over time where certain countries abuse them & overwork them so hard they can’t stand up ,i am getting mad again ,this video gladdens my tired heart i wish Tiny lots of all that’s good

  • OMG he is adorable, what a beautiful thing you did by not giving up on him. You can see he loves just being alive and with people that love him and will take care of him. Heart warming story, I loved it
  • This made me so happy seeing this! Thank you for giving that donkey a good home! It’s so funny because I think he may think he’s a dog….. He does so many things that dogs or cats do……. He’s an indoor donkey!
  • Tiny Tim is more funny than fierce. I’ve seen cats behave like dogs and vice versa, but a very small donkey acting like a puppy? That’s a rarity. What a cute little guy.

He had the will to live and you gave him the time and nurturing to thrive GODBLESS both Tiny , you and your family awesome, He’s acting the way that a wolf/dog would act inside your home. That is he is throwing out any thing not useful to him. But I love it.

Aww!!! What a special lil baby. Thank you for giving him a chance. You two were meant for each other. I love how your dogs show him love also, I applaud kind wonderful people like this lovely lady. Thank U so much for caring for this adorable little donkey.

How precious!!!! God Bless you for giving this angel a chance at life – and what a life it is!! He is so happy!! You are so blessed!!! This is so heartwarming! What a wonderful woman to nurse and raise this darling little donkey. This donkey has so much character and personality!

This lady how amazing you have been to take care of this adorable little Donkey , what a little treasure he is it is so lovely to see how happy he is now it’s wonderful thankyou so much for all you have done, I loved this it’s a miracle

Hello Sweet Cheeks Donkey poster

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