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Jay Cheyne I think the ignorance is on your side, so no need to be rude. Just because it’s history doesn’t always make it right. We need to learn how to treat animals, they have feelings, emotions and feel pain just as we do

  • Elaine Hobbs it’s a fucking sanctuary. Don’t you know anything. It’s not ignorance on me. More like you if you don’t know about the history or culture and assuming like every other sheep in this page.
  • actually, if you contact or seeing their website, you will find out about who they are. and what kind of treatment the elephants received from the owner and the caretakers. every morning, the chef, my friend went around to see and gave them some snacks. bananas, apples, and some vegetable as well. the elephants was rescued from sumatra or kalimantan when they were found out during the making of palm plantation.
  • this company is well renowned for their services in adventure, restaurants, shops, gelato factory and chocolatier. try checking bali adventour tours. owned by nigel and yanny mason. a couple of australian and balinese
Elaine Hobbs actually not we have so many elephants around and we see them everyday since 100s of year that we never actually cared to know. But I’m glad that I know the truth and now I can’t support this practice anymore. And also the discovery and Nat Geo is responsible for my unawareness they make documentary on mahawats(elephants Master) and shows only good side like care and emotions they never told us the truth.
The women is the personification of ignorance. I’d say she’s stupid, but I bet even if she knew what went on she’d not be bothered. Arrogant, money driven, self-absorbent = Kardashians… can’t stand them. They should use their fame for the greater good but, of course they don’t.
I don’t think a lot of people realize that this is happening. Why bash her. A lot of people take their kids to the circus and don’t think of the behind the scenes treatment of the animals.
Well she laments about how smart she is with respect to business…maybe she should use some of that business acumen to think about the fact that elephants are not here for our entertainment. She would be best using her financial abilities to assist these beautiful endangered animals.

Why hello sweet cheeks have a seat Jack Skellington poster

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