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In multiple attempts we never managed to get anyone from Korean on the phone to cancel the ticket, so we had to do it online where we had to pay a $375 cancellation fee AND electronically sign a waiver saying we would not dispute the change fee. They’re obviously dealing with a lot right now, but particularly since we were already in the middle of a trip with them, this was pretty abysmal service and we won’t be flying with them again.

  • We were able to get a full credit on a non refundable fare on Delta for a flight we were going on to an event that has been cancelled. We had to call them though. Trying to cancel through the website, it wanted to charge us a very random $217 cancellation fee.
  • I have had 3 separate cruises cancelled. Singapore air gave me $24.30 refund on a 1400.00 flight. Hainan Airline has never gotten back with me, AA some can be rebooked, others lost. JetStar, no refund. 9 weeks of trips ugh!!!!
  • Thank you for sharing this. Unfortunately, being an American traveler means that American employers don’t give a rip about needing vacations and get aways… so play games with vacation times and such. So even if you “win” with an airline, we often lose with our jobs and can’t change vacation times around. Live in one of the worst countries in the world when it comes to getting away from your job (I work for a major American Pharmaceutical company BTW).

So, for us, that is often motivation for us to go no matter what we are could face because of what we have to go through to get off work at the same time in the following year. My wife had to pick her vacation time a year in advance and it cannot be changed. Similar with other relatives.

Virgin Atlantic is no help so far either. They’re only waiving cancellation fees for people who booked this month ! The rest of us who booked months in advance need to fork out more money apparently. Expedia suggested I wait one more week, maybe Virgin told them something. Here’s hoping

Hated By Many Loved By Plenty Heart On Her Sleeve Fire Skull shirt,tank top, hoodie

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