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What does her being in the hallway and her boyfriend shot first matter??? If someone is breaking into my house, which I’m sure it sounded like, I’m shooting first n asking questions later!!! Protect your family first!! They should’ve gotten charged with manslaughter. That’s what it was. Make sure all your ducks are in a row especially when u r doing an operation like that!!!

  • On every post no matter where I keep reading the same crap. The cops went in with no knocking and just shot a woman to death. We all know this is not true. I was outraged at George Floyd’s murder. But this is a different case!
  • They did knock. They have wittensses . They acknowledge themselves. Once inside , the guy shot the cop in the leg. Exchange of gun fire. She was not in her bed. She got caught in the cross fire. Her previous boyfriend was having drugs sent to her house.
  • The correct information or the truth as I like to call it doesnt matter. All that is seen is a white person killed a black person. It doesn’t matter that they were fired upon first, it doesnt matter that George floyd happened to die of an overdose while being detained by a white cop, it doesnt matter that Jacob Blake had a knife refused to put down his weapon and was shot for reaching for what the officer thought was another weapon. Just that he was black and shot by someone white. As long as all people see is the color of the shooter and who is being shot, the facts of why will always be irrelevant.

Well, this is the reality of the thug life. If you want to live in this environment it’s only a matter of time before this happens to you. These people don’t care who they hurt or even kill. It’s all about them. Her boyfriend was the cause and unfortunately she paid the ultimate price.

How many times have we seen innocent children, women and men killed in these situations. You can look at this as a war that will never end. You can blame who you want, but it’s the lifestyle that’s the enemy. Prayers to her family! Hope they can find peace in all if this. It won’t be easy.

Hope it never happens to one of your family members. Knock – No-Knock! If someones beating on your door at night yelling, would you be reluctant to open the door? Would you think you are about to be assaulted? Why at night when people are more defensive?? Why wasn’t this done during the day?

Hairstyling Because Murder is Wrong Shirt,tank top,hoodie

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