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Notice all the cities w liberal govt officials, and they blame trump?? What’s the idea behind that! Pretty stupid if u ask me!. Trump can declare anything he wants to protect the American people!.its his job in case Congress doesn’t know this….bring in martial law on them!!.just do it.

  • Isn’t it funny that finally when our governor “begs” them to stop that same day the riots stop. What a coincidence it stopped, the same damn night. You dirty bitch, Too late, stupid bitch, your mob is out of control, you thought they were your dog on a leash, but now they’ve turned, it’s suddenly please stop the violence, hope they burn your house down
  • Obviously Wheeler didn’t fill the Mobs racist appetite and she smells the broth in the cauldron she’s getting thrown in! Yummy knee bender! The queen of Antifa/Blm is history! It’s becoming quite obvious that these protest are part of a larger picture. One the dems are creating in a power grab…
  • I know exactly what you’re talking about. I adopted my precious Shitzu 7 years ago from our local shelter. She was terrified in there with big dogs. I had never had a house dog before but we soon were very close. One day she climbed up my body on the couch and put her body to my left side close to my neck and whimpered.

To shorten the story, I found out days later after my yearly breast exam, as I was called back in that I had Stage 3 breast cancer and l know Miley was warning me. After 5 surgeries I’m cancer free and I credit my baby for knowing that something was wrong.

My last kitty, Bean was similar. I rescued her from my dad, took to to the groomer for a flea bath, before going to the vet to be treated for ear mites, worms, and distemper. I watched her sleep all night, knowing that her little body was fighting right along with all the drugs. She was my savior, too. When I was put on oxygen, she would carry the tubing to bed for me every night! I had her for almost 17 years. We both knew that her last hours were her last and we talked about it. She went so peacefully that I know she heard me

Thank you for sharing the story of how you and Hugo saved one another. So beautiful! I know several people whose lives were saved by cats and dogs in similar ways. Sending positive thoughts and good vibes to both of you.

Grinch Free hugs Just kidding Don’t touch me face mask

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