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Cause the news is telling everyone to be scared of everyone. Watch out serial killers, muggers, satanic panic, gang members, kidnappers. No one is friendly anymore cause we live in constant fear for absolutely no reason.

  • Mainly because dogs are basically color blind. They love with pure hearts and unconditional acceptance. Humans could learn a lot from these precious furballs. Most dogs that are considered vicious have been abused or trained to be that way.
  • All dogs are born good. Humans too actually, evil is learnt through pain, abuse, aggressiveness. This is taught behaviour, not instinctive. This homeless man wanted to hug me but then he tried to lick and bite my face. I flipped out. I said covid is everywhere. What are you trying to do…geez that was so weird. All dogs are inherently good. People change them life changes people and dogs it’s fear and protection from harm.
  • Aurora exactly! The dog is displaying signs of stress (open mouth, big eyes) The dogs are on-lead wich makes it harder for them to encouter each other in a natural and relaxed way. I would definetly avoid this behaviour if it was my dog.

Aurora Berg I came to the comments to find this comment. Thank you. I totally agree. This is not a hug but even if it were a unique expression of affection for this individual dog, MOST dogs are not going to perceive the behavior that way. This dog and these owners have only gotten lucky that a dog has not attacked him. The white dog looks like he’s humping not hugging back.

The act of personifying animal behavior as human is archaic. I’ll be it cute and adorable, dogs don’t “hug”. It’s a sign of dominance or excitement. My dog licks and hugs everyone, because he sees his owners hugging, so he picked up on it. Smh. He’s not trying to dominate anyone and yes we went to a vet about this. A trained professional not a Facebook doctor. do you any creditable knowledge and experience with dog body language and behavior? “Hugging” is not an affection. For dogs it is dominance or like the dog in the article “excitement.”

Grinch Free hugs Just kidding Don’t touch me face mask

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