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It’s gonna really hurt letting go, I’ve never had this much of a deep connection to a show. I’ve been a fan for the past 8 years now and it’s been my comfort show, everyone around me knows how much I love it. I thank my dad for suggesting to watch it out of curiosity. Non of us had heard of it and I’m so happy we all got into it together, sadly my brother had stopped at season 8.

  • same i followed this show and smallville since both their seasons started and hit hurt me when smallville ended and now this is like the cherry on top of my childhood and my relatable emotions to dean is so hitting the feels
  • I know what you mean. I have been watching since the very first show. There were a few shows like Buffy the vampire slayer, Angel and Charmed that I hated to see end, but not like this. I feel the same. I was actually glad that there was a long break in between to prolong the agony.
  •  I’ve watched every single episode with my son since the beginning. He was 13. He’s now 28, lives 2 states away, and we still watch together over the phone. My heart is already breaking. same I’ve been watching since grade school when it first started ,, for me , guess I’ll just keep watching it on Netflix over and over again

Grinch Ew people Coronavirus cloth mask

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