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You are missing the reason behind this sir. No one is saying that if indeed she was guilty that she shouldn’t be punished that’s not what the protest is about. The protest is about not having the basic right a child molester or a serial killer has/have. Think about it you can to this day see interviews with these people who have committed atrocities they are alive and breathing telling their side of the story.

  • Can Breoana Taylor tell her side? If she was guilty why wasn’t she allowed to stand trail? Before you say ” well she shot at a policeman but so did another guy but he lived to stand trail but the 2 officers he shot did not. Now that’s what our protest is about basic equality and people still have issues for us wanting that.
  •  The media doesnt need to divide.Division is the essence of America.Deflection is you ppl strategy.Look at what you just spewed just because that’s what you’ve always known.Them and us.demonization, dehumanization and lack of moral clarity.Look at the history.You essentially the same ppl that did all those lynchings and brutalized pregnant women fed their babies aligators, to name but a few.
  • The modern version of your old self.You have some nerve to preach and judge.Take a look at the past.You like to say : That was such a long time ago.Things never changed, they just took a different form.What your question should be is how much of a human being you really are.If you are one at all.

I have guns for protection, I don’t mix with drugs and it doesn’t make me a criminal…. I would have done exactly what they did at that time of night, down to standing in the hallway together with my boyfriend waiting to defend ourselves. They were right to respond the way they did

You’re a racist who is making up sht to make yourself feel better about not giving a sht about the wrongful death of an innocent young black woman. If everything was as you say, they wouldn’t have lied to Judge Mary Shaw, they wouldn’t have offered Jamarcus Glover a deal to lie on Breonna Taylor, they would have charged Kenneth Walker with attempted murder and the Attorney General wouldn’t have lied to and about the grand jury evidence.

Ain’t nobody in here trying to argue that literally every gun owner takes pictures with their guns and for some reason it looks scarier to racists when a POC is holding them??? No one is gonna argue with him that white people also take pictures with their guns???

2020 Stink Stank Stunk Grinch Christmas Ornaments

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