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“Europe Through the Back Door” is 800 pages. The LGBT section is 5 pages, and is about high level logistics, not gay bars. It’s part of a 45 page section on special needs (seniors, families, solo travelers, those with disabilities), none of which is of interest to me personally right now, but it all seems part of a complete package to me, and I think that’s good.

  • For example, its useful for most of us to be aware that the cost and nature of bathrooms varies between countries – my son forced a Russian family to use an outside loo in Siberia in winter some years ago because he didn’t know not to flush loo paper there! What’s wrong with covering the transgender choice of which bathrooms you are allowed to use in different places? At least enough to remind you to check local customs.
  • I believe you should check out local customs before you travel. For example I knew I would have to squat over a porcelain hole in China with heals on to take a pee. Every book can’t take care of every need. Perhaps you should write a book to take care of that.
  • Than look at another site. He tells you nice places to see and stay. If you want to find out about gay bars usually you can find that on an internet site for the region. Really do you want a straight guy to recommend gay bars?

I don’t understand how seeing sites are different between LGBTQ and straight people are different. You obviously have a different perspective than I do. In my experience, most people that enjoy travel are excepting of everyone that enjoys traveling.

I’m not sure why you think I want to take anything out of his book, I suppose that is your issue. My point all along is all the people I’ve encountered traveling don’t care what your sexual orientation is. If you need specific information look it up on a local site. Have a good evening.

Why wouldn’t it be useful? If you are looking for a bar with great music, strong drinks and friendly people wouldn’t you want to know where the gay bars are located? Chinese restaurants aren’t just for Chinese people… Gay bars aren’t just for gay people.


Grandma knows everything if she doesn’t know she makes stuff up really fast shirt, tank top, hoodie

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