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Some days my little one says she’s a chicken some days she is a piece of broccoli, some days she tells me her name is cracker or Elsa or catboy… And those things are cute and i cherish them because i know one day she will grow out of all the silly things…

  • However, for those children whom the issue is not a silly game, for those kids whose life can be hell on earth because they are not accepted because they don’t fit within the boundaries of traditional gender..
  • For all the ones that have been bullied, for the ones who left too soon. For the ones suffering in silence and for the ones that speak up. For all of them i am happy that these little dolls can the beginning of something beautiful. I for one have bought my little one some of these dolls. I constantly let her know that she can be a princess and a football player, she can wear dress, jeans, boots or heels …
  • I constantly tell her boys can wear dresses, boys can have long hair and play with dollies and that’s ok because it is important to be happy with ourselves and to accept people the way they are. I know i don’t push her to be a boy or a girl i just want her to be her best and i want her to accept without judgment and prejudice.

Please stop this nonsense. All of my dolls were gender neutral. I grew up in the 60s and NONE of my dolls were identifiable as either girl or boy. I would dress them up as both, depending on the game we were playing. How many of us have cut our dolls hair short, to look more like a boy? It’s a very good marketing tactic as it feeds into the modern day narrative of our politically correct world.

I think people need to let there children be children and shoving this crap down there throats. God have mercy on these children. so allowing them a choice in who they want to be is shoving it down their throats? Let me guess you want parents to control every single thing in their child’s life?


Goo Goo Dolls – Iris Lyrics poster

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