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I believe it is not correct – dogs live in packs and they see their owner as a pack leader not as “dad” or “mom” – the expectations are totally different hence you can never be the “dad” or “mom”…with all respect to other views …

  • The pack leader mentality is very outdated and leads to nothing but trouble. Since dogs certainly know WE are not dogs, then there is no problem calling ourselves mom and dad either, for our purposes.
  • You belive wrong there’s a male and a female pack leaders never one only. When one of the leaders gets old or die onother one takes the position. And yes i am a mum to my pack, William Ausman You ALL need to mind your farking business and stop going to the church of the perpetually offended. If I want to call myself queen of the pack, dog mom, furbaby mom, not mom etc. that is nobody’s business
  • how does this possibly impact your life? Just uninstall Facebook and you’ll probably not see that offensive terminology again… Doubt that you’ll be missed… Why? Animals are like children. In fact in some ways they give us more unconditional love and support than our own children. Go away!
I’m not revolving my life around people who can’t conceive. I’m not without compassion.. but, that is the most ridiculous thin-skinned comment I’ve ever heard,  maybe couples that have spent thousands of dollars trying to conceive or those that have has several miscarriages. Or those that have not been chosen for adoption.
So smart! I had a friend whose dog wouldn’t catch the popcorn I was throwing in the air for him. It would bounce off his nose, then he’d eat it off the floor. I tossed a piece up in the air and caught it in my mouth ONCE, after that he caught it every time! Sometimes they just need to see what it is you want
To everyone, do not let anybody else’s comments get ya fired up over if we are moms, dads, or any other term of our choosing regarding our animal family! That is just how ignorance talks and people show their true colors. Ignorant and useless comments with negative tones shows disrespect to others and lack of caring. Opinions of others are only opinions, dont take notice, it changes nothing and you are still MOM AND DAD to your furry family

Golden Retriever 3D Cloth Face Mask

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