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Some people don’t care these poor animals feel pain and emotions the same as we do, these people need to receive the same pain they dish out. I blame the tourist as well ,if they didn’t pay for theses poor beautiful animals to ride on the horrible people that make them do it would have to find some other way of earning money.these poor animals having to walk and with people on there backs in horrendous heat it breaks my heart.

  • When will these selfish people learn, these magnificent animals are not here for our benefit. Let them lead a happy life with their herds. This is so cruel why do humans have to do this to such beautiful animals. Leave all wildlife alone let them be free not to entertain people and make money from. Disgusting behaviour from all concerned.
  • These people should be prosecuted and the elephants released to the wild. If tourists stopped riding the elephants, these people would not be able to exploit them or their babies. Tell these people it’s wrong, it’s wrong!! They are not machines, they are babies. Fight for these animals and be their voice! Just stop riding the elephants!! Horrific!!!

Why can they be so cruel so very sad to see the pain they must be going through. They need some of the same treatment bet they would be begging for help. Poor little baby. This is a very cruel thing to do and I hope someone can get them away from their abusive owner.

Maybe that is why covid is here ,to weed out some of these really bad ,stupid humans that really don’t deserve to be on this earth anymore. If tourists didn’t perpetuate this by taking rides the world would be a better place. Walk round the gardens, you’ve got legs!

I know they have to eat but this is not the way to do it have some compassion and love for these elephants for they are very smart and they feel pain just like your all do may the Lord have mercy on your souls. What is wrong with you people? Can you not tell when a animal is exhausted? You are evil people to do this.

Godzilla Tropical Flower Hawaiian Shirt

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