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This post wasn’t a political one, but a happy post. Your not going to change people. Some believe if you don’t build a immune system, is just as worse and more acceptable to becoming sick.

  • I don’t know either, can only say I chose to wear, but not to give lessons. Until this Biden played with his, couldn’t keep his hands off.. he sure doesn’t now. How about the smokers, or up and down touching.. do they really work just bc you have one on. Do you wash yours everyday as per CDC advice. In the beginning they had no clue, wear or not to wear.
  • I wanted to say, your post was very nice, and I agree with a lot what you wrote , but I also believe some areas that the media keeps away from us, on this pandemic and mask. If so, the looters and angry protesters would all be dead, or at least half sick, explain this?
  • If you don’t want to wear one, that is their choice, if close in my environment, I hope they will wear one, the right one not a piece of cloth, that most wear, I have yet to see anyone wear the proper mask nurses and doctors wear..

Btw I had surgery in this mess, with complications, ended up on the Covid floor, its aweful. One death is one death to many. you had such a bad time with this, Rhonda. So glad you’re on the mend. Right now, these little masks are one of the few tools we have to guard against – and maybe slow the spread of- COVID. I’m wearing mine.

I have been one since 1967.Retired now.I personally am sick of the mask.Hot,sweaty.Sopping wet in a few minutes.Hate them, but wear one when required.We just recently after 6 months are allowed to visit Mother in facility,wear the mask,distance,cannot kiss or hug or touch my almost 98 year old mother, and she doesn’t understand why.


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