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Aww that is is amazing. Brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful baby girl. That smile is so cute. Reminds me of my 2nd daughter getting her glasses when she was only 10 months old.

  • I love these videos of babies first time being able to see. When my special needs son was 1 month his eyes were aimlessly wondering and not responding appropriately to his surroundings. The ophthalmologist informed me he was blind. His vision has gotten better over the years, he is 19 years old now and can see pretty good even without his glasses. Never give up hope
  • thank you for sharing your story and experience with this. my son is 2 and recently starting noticing his eyes crossing when watching tv we have an appointment with an ophthalmologist next week and i’m so nervous.
  •  I know that feeling it hits you deep in your gut. It’s hard but try not to jump ahead of it all and try to keep the faith. I have been told many different things with my son that never happened and I have also seen a lot of miracles during times of despair

my daughter was diagnosed about a year ago with exotropia. We have been doing therapy since then. She now has complete eye control. Prayers that you find the cause and a solution. Also don’t get discouraged. It took us awhile to get to the cause.

After working in the optical business for many years I have witnessed moments just like this. It is a great moment for all! How do they know how blind she was..? Every time I go to the eye doctor they ask 800 questions about which letter I can see more clearly.

This hits so close to my heart . My daughter was born with eye problems and at age 1 she was told she needed to see a specialist by age 3 she had to have surgery on both of her eyes with risk or loose her eyes would get worse until she eventually lost her sight so as any parent we took the chance what felt like her only chance she’s getting ready to be 6 in November and doing better than her specialist even thought possible he had lot of doubts but do far she’s above his expectations and I’m blessed

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