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I believe I’ll go with the one that did more in 3.5 years than the one that was in a position to make a difference over the past 47 years, and didn’t. I see a loving family man in this photo. No president, just a normal guy who loves the people, this nation, and is looking out for the hard working people of this nation.

  • Thank you Mr. Trump. The best! What a precious picture! I appreciate that he gave up what he was doing and became an advocate for Faith, Patriots, and freedom. We are blessed by God’s blessing! I’ve never been so excited for a President. Trump has done more for this country than any other President in my lifetime.
  • People are so politically biased they refused to give him any positive credit. Trump 2020! I pray for your Dad every single day and his whole entire family God protect all of you and keep you all safe and I pray that your father is elected for the next 4 years TRUMP 2020…. Your dad is the best president we have ever had let’s keep it that way MAGA.
  • Father God of Heaven and Earth we ask and begging you to please give our President the wisdom and strengths he needs to defeat the enemies of America and your world. The devil is trying every evil means to destroy him but he is steadfast because he knows you are in his side Lord and we thank you for choosing him to fight for us.

Lord have pity on him and reward him with his heart’s desires and intentions for America. We also ask you to be with his family. We ask this in Jesus name your Son, Amen.. Beautiful Family. I hope Arabella and Joseph enjoyed their first rally. So exciting to see how all the people truly love and respect their Grandfather, an Amazing President.

God Bless. Knew beyond a doubt that the trolls would make something dirty out of nothing but the love between the President and his grandchildren.Wonder if the biased media will show this and twist it. There is no other president that does what he does love the children loves American people loves his and our country what a great president we have hope we have him for long time with help of God bless president trump.

No man is perfect, but this President has lived up to his promises. He never quits. He is draining the swamp and that’s why the left hates him. He’s a mover and a shaker and is results driven. He doesn’t care if we approve of his method. He gets results. This family may be rich, but they’re true to our country.


To my dear daughter-in-law I didn’t give you the gift of life i gave you my amazing son mug

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