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“the left” which also includes the center, does get fact checked all the time. I see and read fact checks from both sides because I want to know the truth. Sometimes I don’t like the truth, but it tells me I need to change my thinking. I fact check people and news sources I usually agree with. Sometimes they get it wrong. If someone’s trying to deceive me, I want to know it.

  • You might try asking yourself whether something you see is actually false, or do you just disagree with it. If you find yourself getting upset over fact checks, you might want to check your information sources and maybe adjust your thinking. If you’re thinking that mainstream, middle of the road media is in the left’s pocket, you probably need to adjust your thinking and stop relying completely on sources you agree with.
  • Last thing, we all heard Trump say that he denounces white supremacy, but we’re looking at his behavior. His behavior says loud and clear that he supports any and all groups that support him, no matter how ugly their beliefs are. Also, Trump does lie. All the time. Sometimes for no reason. He lies more than anyone I’ve ever seen. He has always had a real big problem with that.
  • Wow so they are admitting that they want the freedom to spread lies… They are now becoming a parody of themselves. Just tell the truth and we wouldn’t have to fact check. Oh that’s right the Republican party can’t tell the truth. The President is the biggest liar.

If you aren’t lying then fact checking shouldn’t be a problem for you. Yes, you can stand there and lie however, if you are elected to public office, prepare to be fact checked, the public has every right to see and hear the truth.

Oh yes, we want to censor lies and disinformation, whether it’s from the right or from the left. It just feels like we are focusing on the GOP now—why? Because most of the lies are coming from that side. WHAT? We find out you are telling LIES and you call me out as censoring FREE SPEECH? You don’t deserve to be in PUBLIC OFFICE.

If their supporters and constituents do not care that they are being lied to, that is their prerogative. However, when they sit in positions of power for everyone then they can and should be held to higher standards.


General Lee Car The Dukes of Hazzard phone case

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