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This is an appeal to his left wing deep pocket donors. The ramifications for the already struggling electrical grid of California could be disastrous. With all the power outages we are having, how can you depend on your electric vehicle out in the garage needing a charge and no power? When you really need your car..

  • Not only batteries are bad for the environment, but also the lack of charging stations through much of the states of America…unless you’re in California. Whatever. There’s not enough charging infrastructure stations to recharge these cars. Where’s the plan to beef up the grid capacity to handle charging all the electric vehicles?
  • A Tesla requires 110kWH of electricity to fully charge its battery. That is a lot of juice. That would take a few days (at least) to recharge the car using home solar panels, assuming sunny days. Their plan won’t work without nuclear power. This is another one of those genius ideas like the bullet train to who-knows-where —-
  • wait until all the batteries from the electric vehicles reach their end of use and no knows where or how to dispose of them and no one has a clue about recycling batteries ……. well, maybe we can pack them unto one of the rockets and drop them off in outer — some additional space debris ….. The whole electric vehicles idea ignores speed of recharging.

Anything slower than filling a gas tank is huge for military vehicles. What about ambulances? If a gas powered fleet is unexpectedly busy, refueling takes minutes. How long would take for the electric versions? An hour or more? Tell me why that is acceptable? Elon sold all of his homes in California, he will probably join the hundreds of other businesses owners moving out of state, may even take his mfg jobs with him. An executive order 15 years in the future has exactly zero impact because he won’t be the governor when it comes into effect.

CA has 8 year max term limits for governor. It will have a different governor in 2035 that won’t be bound by this executive order. It will be a disaster. The additional electrical generating plants to provide power to the thousands of charging stations cannot be built because of environmental restrictions.

There’s a slew of the electric cars coming out on the market in 2021 .. Musk is even aiming to deliver a $25,000 e-car before 2025 … in any case, California is doomed regardless of what cars they drive. The ban is on sales of gas cars, not operating gas cars, so California residents who want gas cars will need to buy them out of state, Not electric car sales.


Garden Dirty Garden Hoe vintage shirt, tank top, hoodie

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