Fuck Kyle Busch shirt, tank top, hoodie


Fuck Kyle Busch shirt, tank top, hoodie


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Our shop has worked 6 days a week since January. No social distancing. 2 employees wore masks for about 10 after we were given our essential paperwork. ( both young and female) not one case. Kyle Busch is not one of my favorite drivers, but you people making lewd and negative comments are acting like school yard bullies. I dont believe that’s true. Stick to making left turns and trying not to blatantly wreck winning drivers late in the race. So sad how so many have turned this into a political issue. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize face coverings would slow the spread of an airborne disease. Turn off fox news and think for yourself. It’s such a small step you can take to slow the spread and help your fellow man, and fellow fan.

He says they are important BUT he went up to Chase Elliot after Sundays race without a mask and definitely NOT 6 feet.🤔 I mean believe what you believe and feel what you feel, but dont be a hypocrite My wife and I were watching the 600 Sunday. As they were interviewing drivers (with their masks on) everyone of crew etc shown in background had no masks on. Total hypocrisy and made up pile of crap. I will not comply to the scamdemic Sooo….where was his mask when he got out of the car and did his interview then? For someone that thinks so highly of them, you’d think he had the courtesy to put it on at least, like Hamlin did after Darlington and like the others tonight…







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