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I don’t believe that is true ~ If so, he surely did not know what was in it, as he Supports pro Life. ~ Sounds like someone trying to smear him during this election, again, as they have done for 3 and 1/2 years. ~ God only knows. ~ He Sees it all.

  • on’t worry I’m still going to vote for him because they never give us competition oh, it’s either Hillary who’s having mental issues on camera, or creepy Joe dementia Biden LOL and just so you know every Republican uses the pro-life issue to win the conservative votes, has abortion ever stopped? No, now we kill them all the way to the 9th month and if they’re lucky enough to be born anyway they suffocate them or slit their throats.
  • That’s the only thing Trump trying to stop is killing them after they’re born. If he wanted to stop it and he has that kind of power, he can either stop it altogether or make it go back to the early stages of pregnancy. But they won’t do it cuz there’s way too much money to be made guarantee you! If you’d like I’ll send you a link about the aborted baby.
  • Lol, this thing is nothing more than a Putin-like ploy…show that donny is more than a mere mortal. Lol, if donny weren’t so fat, they would have him mount a horse with no shirt on…ya, never going to see THAT gongshow, He is trying. We need to be praying for this next justice Trump is trying to get into the courts, that she Will make it in .
I think she will make it. But the dems are trying to stop it, and Diane Feinstein called her beliefs as “dogma” ~ meaning that it might get in the way of her carrying out her decisions ~ because she is a Christian. wow ~ wow May you be safe as well. C’s, and vit. D, and magnesium, and Zinc … is what I am trying to add to help
I really believe that she’s going to get in also. I am taking the same things you are plus a little bit more because I’m disabled with terrible osteoarthritis and three other chronic illnesses. Here’s some other helpful hints…


Fuck Corona Jack Skellington shirt, hoodie, tank top

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