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Last week in Pennsylvania the legislature met. They had a ton of witnesses signed affidavits and proof. Tomorrow Monday Arizona is doing the same thing and the only place you might be able to see it is YouTube or news maps… Mainstream media will not show it

  • The chief of cyber crime security who happened to be your appointee, disagreed with your claims and said this is the most protected election in the world, you fired him, you asked for manual recounts in most states and you lost severally in all the manuals recounts…. kindly be humble and concede to gain international respect is better to be humiliated out of the office
  • you’re weird. Quit trolling. Be patient. U will see and when you do don’t be burning, looting, and violence when u don’t get your way. Bye sleepy joe… your numbers are impossible per the experts .  We seem to have a divide in this country over what an “expert” is. Politics are crooked period.
  • The man you’re blindly following has brought a hate wave out into the open. I believe it’s time for that to be healed. Listen to how you personally attack a stranger for doing nothing more than commenting and sharing his opinion. I don’t care if you don’t like a different opinion. Be nice about it. And everyone learn the correct use of terms like socialist. When everyone uses them correctly maybe I’ll start reading more of what people want to say.

I hope yaw truly have all the proof to flip this election and put a lot of people behind bars. If not then let’s go to war against the evil democrats. This nation will not survive what they have planned. They killing America right now with their lockdowns while you in charge. We going to reach a point of no return.

I’m a 49 year old guy who barely got his high school diploma and I can see how rigged the election was. The D’s didn’t try very hard to hide it. Let’s hope this gets corrected, not just for Trump but to protect the validity of our elections. President Trump, please continue to fight for us! YOU ARE OUR PRESIDENT!! No person deserves to be president when they cheat. All those involved, including Biden, should be arrested and jailed for ALL they have done. It’s time for the American people to get justice. We are for you 100 percent. Stand your ground. Praying Daily!! Kathy

Frida Kahlo Vincent van Gogh Salvador Dalí Starry Night Poster

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