French Bulldog Dog Hawaiian Shirt


French Bulldog Dog Hawaiian Shirt
French Bulldog Dog Hawaiian Shirt

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Enter historic Fox Books & Coffeehouse and Fez may also lumber out to greet you, an 80-pound Bernese Mountain Dog whose tail has been wagging at customers on account that the Annapolis shop opened 5 years ago. Homesick midshipmen from the Naval Academy come in to supply Fez a healing hug. Babies curl up in a corner and read to him. Several years in the past, before he grew to be president, Joe Biden stopped by using and scratched Fez’s head.

Fez, the “bookshop dog,” a mellow ten-yr-old Bernese Mountain dog, occasionally accompanies his proprietor, Janice Holmes, to work at historical Fox Books and Coffeehouse. Holmes is co-owner of the shop that has been on Maryland Avenue for 5 years. Can also 20, 2021 p43 (Amy Davis / Baltimore solar)

both of them looked as if it would take to each other, talked about Janice Holmes, who owns each shop and dog.

“He [Biden] had a extremely winsome humility about him, and so does Fez,” she says.

Holmes is one in all a couple of Anne Arundel County employers who automatically take their canines to work. Those that do say that animals with first rate temperaments can be a boon to business: They help soften the stress of these round them, kick-start dialogues with stuffy valued clientele and, frequently, soften the office landscape.

Fez, a Bernese Mountain Dog, at old Fox Books & Coffeehouse receives some attention from Joe Biden, earlier than Biden’s presidential election. (historical Fox Books & Coffeehouse)

“Fez draws loads of oohs and aahs,” says Holmes, 65, of Severna Park. “We name him our foolish ancient undergo, like [Winnie the] Pooh. He’s simply a large, dreamy dog who provides a comfortable vibe to the shop.”

French Bulldog Dog Hawaiian Shirt

virtually 11, Fez, who become named for the mild enormous in the movie “The Princess Bride,” earns his keep at work. Earlier than the pandemic, each Feb. 2 the bookstall held an annual “ground Dog Day” in its out of doors garden. There, toddlers would acquire around a playhouse product of books and glue while a storyteller called Fez from inner his “den” to look if he might see his shadow.

“We’ve additionally dressed him in a huge set of fairy wings to steer a parade of [pixies] down the road,” his owner talked about. For this, Fez gets an occasional deal with, although he’s now not allowed in the coffeehouse to lick the floor for pastry crumbs.




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