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Christian Religious conservative are determined to impose their religious believes on other via the courts. They don’t realize that by doing this, they opening the door for others to do the same thing. Actually what “left wingers” has asked is to be free of religion in public spaces. Why is that wrong?
  • like what exactly? Homosexuality? Abortion? Stealing? Killing? Lying? Use of profane language? Adultery? Hate? Etc. The list could go on…what exactly do you referred by conservatives imposing their beliefs in society? Because for all I know these principals were not created by republicans much less from democrats or any human kind.
  • These are principals written by God Himself and given to humanity in his 10 commandments. And for all I know the crooked democrat party have broken so many of them making ok for society to do it!!! Just remember, it’s not to the republicans or any human authority that you will have to respond for your actions, but to God!
  • I am ok with that because i don’t believe in your God and thus have no fear. I am happy and content with whatever comes next because I know in my heart what I am. You are free to believe gave people these commandment and i will respect and fight for your right to believe that. All I ask is for the freedom not to believe it and to live my life free of Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu or any other religious dogma.

You, religious fanatics, take citations from different Holy books ( Old and New testament and other writings) and interpret them to serve your agenda, not much different from Islamic jihadists. Even those writings are not God’s words, but our human interpretation based on the values of our society from 2-3 thousand years ago

But you just use them regardless of the context, despite controversies in the Holy books themselves, and especially regardless of changes in human society. You use the Holy words to push your political agenda and to militarize and anger your base. That is really disgusting! The God’s wreath will fall upon you!!!
Isn’t that like saying the government must protect all people from being offended? It sounds good in theory but isn’t possible in reality. When the govt can protect me from atheism, then I could be agreeable to your request.

RBG Collar Fight For The Things You Care About Mask

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