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Surprised the 5-0 have time for any cake or a wedding with all the hard luck stories they have to type up on Facebook. I had one of those… Had to decide on which uniform to wear but we decided it looked better mixed than just pet rescue alone. Well, should be a long marriage, they’ll never see each other and at least one will always have a good night’s sleep.

  • Our thoughts and prayers are with his family god rest his soul .Thank you for your service commissioner Rivera god bless his family. I can’t believe this. A great testimony l must share.
  • A few months back l was diagnosed with herpes virus. I really thought my life was over. I had used different kinds of medication which didn’t help. Then l browsed the internet and found a great doctor by the name Dr Onose who listened to my problems and sent me herbal medication via DHL. I took the medication as instructed and within 2 weeks, the virus was gone.
  • Worth noting is that incoming new Mayor Giuliani promised to keep him on as Commissioner if he would throw his support to his candidacy (wooing the Hispanic vote) after Giuliani won he reneged in his promise to Commissioner Rivera and hired Howard Safir to replace him. Why any firefighter or EMT ever vote for any Democrat!

Democrats support Antifa & BLM & defund Police. All of these risk firefighters and put their lives in danger. These rioters set fires then firefighters need to go into the violence to put it out. In most big cities, the police must go to a scene first to make sure it’s safe for firefighters to enter. Police are protecting their firefighter brothers! For your own safety, don’t vote for a Democrat.

Yes, these guys are great! My most sincere thanks for what you do! XOXO I’m all about rescuing, so God bless you! But PETA believes the only rescued animal is a euthanized one. So, no, PETA. NO.


Firefighter First In Last Out personalized tumbler

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