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The Constitution shows the vote and rights. The destruction of votes in of different circumstances was unconstitutional. The Constitución gives power to citizens. But the constitution says when an election is in double. The citizens will look to the Appeal their vote with representative

  • when people came and protest,they killed hundred of mans,many of them be killed and be rapped.i swear if your constitution wasnt and your people wasnt armed democrates would arrest all of you.if this time democrates win by fraud and americans allow them you must say goodbye with free america.
  • Nothing to report. Some people are just soo full of trump until they are willing to lie for the republican party. She should have spoken right then and there! If they didnt ask for her ID she should have questioned it right there on the spot!!! She had that right! If what she says is true maybe they are not asking republican voters for ID.
  • Kimberly Andrews because early votes weren’t counted until the polls closed on Election Day. That’s why they couldn’t tell you. That’s the way Trump wanted them counted by the way.

You are 1 out of two that still has integrity and decent values. Unfortunately your country has lost their status around the world. Trump’s coup d’état will fail but 50% of Americans approve of a criminal, a liar,racist, a sexist, a dictator in the WH. Lets hope Joe Biden can bring decency and some kind of unity among the people.

Thank you for doing a recount I don’t know if my vote was counted correctly… I’ve asked but I haven’t gotten any answers because I got a absentee ballot in the mail which I did not request I ripped it the shreds and went to vote at the polls

he won by a landslide which is why they all stopped counting…so they could figure out how Biden can flip more votes with the software and stuff more illegal votes in for Biden in middle of night in most battleground states! Just hold tight sore loser… Trump never lost the first time and will prove he won the majority of all votes. In the US. Period. Get your popcorn ready and watch the show as his lawyers price what they have uncovered! Hahaha

Firefighter 3D All Over Printed Hoodie

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