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Do you make less than $400,000 a year? Great, Then you are part of the 91.5% of Americans who will NOT be taxed more under Joe Biden. STOP letting the RNC tell you that you will be taxed more. They are lying to your face

  • CNN is an enemy to the citizens in this great country; Also, to the wonderful president, the Trump family, and the rest of the administration. They don’t report news: they create false headlines and feed them to uneducated Americans. CNN is the flint stone/spark for most divisive fires among Americans.
  • If you loose it’s going to blow my mind to see how corrupt our country is, nobody (seriously nobody I’ve met) thinks puppet joe has a shot at winning. So is nbc ABC good morning America and all of them the only good news is fox and only a couple ppl like Sean hannity judge Jeanine and a few others
  • Exactly. They twist the wordings and focus on attacking President Trump while ignoring other significant issues such as reductions in child trafficking.

Unverified sources that CNN will call verified after they whisper their lies to other biased lying liberal media outlets to report. Their practice of creating the news is obvious and atrocious. The biased liberal media is truly the enemy of our country.

I can see how trump supporters hate the truth it’s laughable , trump is failure a hate monger and anon patriotic citizen who hates the war veterans because his father wasn’t one.  Hang in there, it’s horrible what you and your family have gone through. Prayers that you keep going. I can’t imagine what you are really capable of if people would actually let you do your job.

We aren’t as stupid as the left thinks we are. The silent majority will be heard this November. Please make our beautiful Country GREAT again. I’m so sorry for what you are enduring from these fruit cakes but know we hear you… and we love you …and multitudes of prayers spoken on your behalf.

What is shocking to me is there are smart people who believe you. I don’t know if it’s thier loyalty to a party or the church but they have the ability to buy into your delusional wrap. You don’t care about Americans. You only care for yourself. All you are good at is lying.

Ew People Baby Yoda face mask

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