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I dont need to be reminded I have a child ever but it seems there are people out there that do, I’m just trying to keep another child dying because a parent is to stupid to remember they have a child in there car, I heard a commercial that said “ place something of value, like your purse on the backseat so you will see your child when you reach for it” ummm ok. Your baby should be the most valuable thing in your life! Period!!
  • There have been stories where people have forgotten their child in the car and subsequently the child dies. I have 4 grown children and trust me, you cannot forget they are in the car, i also have 2 dogs & they make their presence felt too.
  • I hope the parent was punished, there is no excuse at all.
  • anybody that needs to be reminded their child is in the car with them never become parents .I know when I had my daughter in the car with me I was always checking her in my rear view to see if she was ok .no excuse
  • if they need a REMINDER to remind theirselves their flesh and blood is in the back seat, THEY DO NOT DESERVE TO BE PARENTS!!! Why don’t we hear this happening in the winter months??? People all of a sudden lose their memory during the summer?? Gimme a break!
My girls get so mad at me because I won’t leave them in the car while I run into a store! No way! Not for a minute. You never know what can happen. I know you mean well, but ANY good parent does not need to be reminded that their children are in the car. These horrible people who do this kind of thing do it on purpose. They knowingly make the choice.
If you have to tape a photo of your child to your steering wheel to remind you that your child is in the back seat, there is no way you should be a parent. That is absolutely pathetic! They don’t forget they DON’T CARE. People don’t just forget one day they have a kid. It’s called attempted murder.

Everything will kill you so choose something fun Hot Rod Car poster

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