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He received intel in January that COVID was going to be devastating to this country and he ignored it!!! I didn’t realize that’s what fighters do! I don’t think over 239,000 dead people would agree if they could!!! Just move to Russia!!

  •  I chose the president DONALD J TRUMP he’s the right man for the job and has and will remain to do an amazing job ! I remember many many years ago ppl saying we needed a non politician in their to do good for this country someone who knows business and understands lives of others and knows how to run this country without a slimmy agenda only to make rich richer and poor more poor and middle man bust ass and never be able to spend quality time with their families !
  • Donald Trump is the best person of all time in everything, even Jesus was a worse person with more weaknesses than the great Donald. His supporters should start a religion in his name. We did President Trump 2020 we did November 3,2020 you are trying to take it from our President at 4 am Thursday. Your people were starting to riot because they lost . Then you come around with bullshit you Democrats did the same 2016.

I chose president donald j trump im just afraid that old joe would hang himself with that mask of his he pulled it and hide his face. Lol but true. Mr.Trump.. can’t we do something with the witch that is holding our money hostage? Isn’t there a way to go around her? People are desperate and suffering Sir!!!

So in the midst of a pandemic, people losing their lives by the thousands. This is the bullshit the Republicans is spending their time on. I see why they’re going to lose the election in a few days.  These Trump commercials are the most hilarious campaign I’ve ever seen.  He already knows he’s winning so he’s just having fun messing with the leftists heads.

It’s like, what team do you want to come to your rescue if you were in trouble or needed help? Not the second bunch! Reminds me of a Mickey Mouse Club House that doesn’t have it together. Isn’t Covid for Trump a mission impossible that he failed to control and contain??? Indeed, someone who claimed to be the greatest and the best was not a strong match for an inanimate microbe like the Covid virus.

Everything will kill you so choose something fun Lumberjack poster

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