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Brazil! Not America, it’s in Brazil. And they think it’s too African, which is an odd train of thought since Brazil brought in more African slaves than any other country. it is a Brazilian law – when you choose to live in that country you need to abide by those rules. sucks but that is what they chose.

  • Those of you saying “We live in a free country they can’t do this” remember this couple live in Brazil. They do not have the same laws and freedom we do. I agree its stupid, but in the US you cannot name your child after Lucifer either.
  • My kids are in public schools and have had nothing but the best teachers and experiences since the day they started, so I had never even considered private school…until this year, and it’s because of the politics. My hope is that both sides of the aisle can put aside political differences, agendas, and demands irrelevant to Covid and figure out a way to do what’s best for our students. Just this one time.
  • I’m confused…you say you are voting for values yet you are voting for those who are affiliated with the party whose platform goes against Christian values! How can you say “for the children” when the platform supports killing children before they get a chance to live? I can’t justify it and will not vote for a democrat!

I’m a Conservative voting the Democratic ticket. I think that abortion is murder. But I also think that all life is scared, not just that of an unborn baby. The Republican Party has totally forgotten what it is that they stand for.

 They condone behavior that is against ALL life. So, don’t give me all the sanctimonious jargon about Christian values. Trump and the Republican Party are the ones that left me. They will have to change a lot to win my loyalty and vote again. End of conversation.

I think you are confused about a few things: Christian values and choice. There are Christians who support choice. They also have values. I am not a Christian but I also support values and choice. As a matter of fact abortion rates in the country are at an all time low. Your party will not speak to 210K deaths in six months from a virus. Sacred life?


Everything will kill you so choose something fun Fishing poster

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