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I remember the all world criticising and pressing WHO and China to make it a big deal, now we’re saying they were right about facing it normally? Many politicians were standing on shaky ground beset with scams etc. They tried to gain out of this disease till they could. Now it seems no more tenable to lockdown. Thanks to this British doctor for making things clear though it goes against the industry where he works in terms of attention and money.

  • If this is really what you think about Covid Russia, why do you even worked so hard on being first to make the vaccine… Seems to be a whole lot of nothing that Sputnik V. No author to this article and no reference links to study papers. The death to infection rate is currently about 4% but it does not mention that. Needs a lot more detail to gave any credibility.
  • Theres 14 million people in the uk in that catagory in this country and not all elderly tho why you would not be bothered about keeping your 80 year old gran safe is beyond me, The BIG question is….if we know that certain groups are at a MUCH greater risk than others, why do politicians insist on one-size-fits-all restrcitions? It makes absolutely no sense, which confirms to me that there is a greater agenda here. No other explanation…either incompetence or corruption. Take your pick.

Find the 1% figure increasingly amusing. Even if its true the people who will end up with major effects just under death – not counted. Cronic life shortening effects – not counted, those who might get long Covid – not counted and so on. Just because you don’t get killed by the bullet it doesnt mean it hasn’t shot your nuts off.

And left the world to our huge community of phone junkies and unresponsible youth with cero notion about how necessary is the knowledge mouth to mouth, the worst is all the living beings we are going to kill in the process. Just like the Calhoun experiment.

And how does it spread to the elderly and vulnerable? By those who are contagious with few, if any, symptoms. And a lot of people only discovered how vulnerable they were when they unexpectedly died from it. Tell me why Belgium has given up on testing cases as there lab’s over the summer were picking up virus cases 83 days later after when people were fit and well?, they are going by hospital admissions numbers only here on in

Everything will kill you so choose something fun Lumberjack poster

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