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In 1992 my husband and I took an 18 night land tour and Greek Island Cruise with TWA Getaway vacations. It included many of the places mentioned in this article. The tour was amazing, and we visited so many places. There were only 25 people in our group. Prior to arriving in Athens to begin our tour, we spent 5 days in New York City.

  • After the 18 day TWA tour we spent a few more days in Athens on our own, spending one day visiting 3 more Greek islands that were closer to Athens. From Athens we flew to Rome, Italy for 4 nights. The entire trip was like having 4 vacations in one.
  • My husband and I took a last minute day trip to the Peloponnese and absolutely fell in love with Nafplio and Epidavros! It was exactly the escape from Athens we were looking for. We were in Greece for almost 3 weeks and still talk about that one day nearly 10 years ago. We got to Epidavros at the end of the day and it was raining.
  • They were about to close, but they told us if we ran in we could have a few minutes. It was amazing. It will be the first place we visit when we go back to Greece.

Greece was a stunning revelation. We spent 2 weeks there in 2018. Beautiful history, friendly people, vast scenery, lovely small towns, minimal tourism where we went outside of Athens. I didn’t have a lot of enthusiasm for the trip (my daughter’s choice) but it was the best vacation ever.

We’ve seen most of Western Europe and Greece is one place I’d love to return to. Corfu, Delphi, Meteora, Kentriko Zagori, Arachova, Monodendri, Kalabaka, Litochoro! Took your Greek tour in 2018 and had a fantastic time, it was my 5th Rick Steves tour but definitely the best. Filippos was fantastic guild and it was a wonderful group of adventurors we had.

My late mother had made the reservation originally but unfortunately passed away before she could go so I went in her stead on the original dates so I could travel with the same people she would have travelled with. I told my story to the other people on the tour and I was overwhelmed when they toasted my mother at dinner the last night.

Every treasure is guarded by dragons Hawaiian Shirt

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