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He played it through a couple of times and then they rolled tape, no charts, no practice. When the drummer said, “Where do I come in?”, Lightfoot said he would nod at him. They played it all the way through, and though they made many other attempts to improve on it, that first take was the one they used on the album.

  • The story of the writing of this historic song is in his autobiography, so is the description of the sole recording session. Extraordinary story and song. Sad: « and all there remains are the faces and the names of the wives, the sons and the daughters
  • Gordon Lightfoot has been a great influence in music for a long time. Love this song and the history that it tells. Folk rock is Americana. Love Gordon Lightfoot and his music!!!
    So glad there are all positive comments and nothing negative about this great artist on here. Thanks everyone!!
  • I was fortunate to see Gordon Lightfoot perform this song live with my Dad who was a sailor on the Great Lakes during the time of the sinking of The Edmund Fitzgerald. A haunting performance.

Love this song makes me think of my grandfather and his brothers all of them worked on the Great Lake freighters. When I was a child my grandpa and I would sit at the beach by the Mackinaw Bridge as ships go by he would tell me stories of the ships that went by. He also taught me some navigation and lessons of life.

 When I was 10 or 11 my dad took me to Jones Island, in the Milwaukee harbor to see the Edmond Fitzgerald which had been recently put into service. Little did I know that it would become legend.

I think Gordon Lightfoot gets over looked with much of the glitz & glamour acts within the music industry. Make no mistake about it Gordon Lightfoot was a masterful singer song writer. Thank you Jimmy for posting this. This a great song and being a true story it cuts to the deep.

Great song from a great songwriter and performer. Saw mr Lightfoot play the Tennessee theatre 12 years ago. Gordon is freaking awesome! And that song still brings goosebumps and tears in my eyes.

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